40 Days for Life

My personal gratitude to my fellow team members who with much grace and love give their all to bring this campaign to Mississauga each year. Thank you to all the dedicated supporters who stand regularly down the street from abortion clinic praying for the closing of its doors. Our 40 Days for Life resumes for 2019, in compliance with “Bubble Zone” legislation. The new location, on the southwest corner of Confederation Parkway and Queensway (just to the east of the 170 Queensway parking lot on the south side of the street) provides extra sidewalk space while maintaining great presence and visibility to both vehicles and passers by.

We have adapted to conditions. We challenge you all to stay  connected to true life issues and support those who promote Life such as the Sisters of Life , Mississauga Right to Life and  your parish  pro-life and family groups and associations. Come out and support 40 Days for Life and a culture of life!

Pro-life Encounter Talking Points

For those who need some support in articulating the pro-life world view from a human, moral, philosophical and ethical perspective, please see the attached Responding to Pro-life Encounter document. This, by no means comprehensive, compilation of responses and links to intelligently discussing the Pro-life position, will  help anyone respond, or initiate, any conversation.

Defending the pro-life position

See map to vigil site and instructions below…


See you out there during the 2019 campaign!

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Click here for direct access to the 40 Days for Life Mississauga campaign.

See information below for Map and vigil instructions: