40 Days for Life 2020 Mississauga Sept. 23rd-Nov. 1st



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In spite of the tribulations of a pandemic which have been set before us, the good news is that with the re-opening of our Churches, our spiritual lives are returning slowly back to normal. Sadly, the business of abortion and medical assisted suicide carried on relatively unaffected while we were asked to place our lives on hold.

Our mission remains the same and we are undeterred. 40 Days for Life 2020 will move forward internationally, in Canada, and in Mississauga. This year, 40 Days for Life Mississauga will put into place Covid-19 compliant protocols, complete with the supply of hand sanitizer and face masks. Our 40 Days for Life vigil site is in compliance with “Bubble Zone” legislation. Our location, on the southwest corner of Confederation Parkway and Queensway (just to the west of the hospital and east of the 170 Queensway parking lot on the south side of the street) provides extra sidewalk space for social distancing while maintaining great presence and visibility to both vehicles and passers by.

We have adapted to all conditions. We challenge you to stay connected to pro-life issues and to demonstrate your faith through action. Come out and support 40 Days for Life and a growing culture of life! Register for vigil participant slots below the video.

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Click here for direct access to the 40 Days for Life campaign. Enter Mississauga under location & set-up an account to register and track your 1-hour vigil slots (Note: the Registration site works without issue using Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome browsers, not Internet Explorer).


See information below for Map, vigil instructions and Statement of Peace acknowledgement form:

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2020 – 40 Days for Life Parish Schedule

Pro-life Encounter Talking Points

For those who need some support in articulating the pro-life world view from a human, moral, philosophical and ethical perspective, please see the attached Responding to Pro-life Encounter document. This, by no means comprehensive, compilation of responses and links to intelligently discussing the Pro-life position, will  help anyone respond, or initiate, any conversation.

Defending the pro-life position

Canadian Abortion Facts


40 Days for Life Inspirational Account

Now, if you were a commuter driving east along the Queensway approaching the Trillium Healthcare Mississauga Hospital on October 31, 2018 at 8:30 am, you would probably be half asleep and less than comfortable as you inched along in bumper to bumper traffic, rain pouring down in buckets, headlights reflecting off the car in front and into your eyes and clouds hanging low under on a dismal, threatening sky. You might be thinking about how miserable you are when suddenly you realize there is someone standing on the sidewalk in the rain.

And then, as you inched along, you come upon a dreamlike mirage of two old guys wearing hats, soaking wet, trying to share an umbrella that is too small and already with a broken rib and one holding up some sort of sign. And as you got even closer you’d see that the sign is a picture of a beautiful new mother holding her baby close and reading: “Your baby is precious and so are you.” What would people think as they came upon these guys on the sidewalk? Maybe they’d think, and not totally incorrectly, that these men were slightly crazy to be there at that time in the rain. Surely, they would know that they were not doing it for the money or the prestige or the fame. Would they think that they were there to take away women’s rights to choose? Does “Your baby is precious and so are you,” in the early morning rain sound like an attack on women’s rights to choose?

I was left with the thought that there is no more optimistic or uplifting image for people on a rainy, gloomy, fall Wednesday morning in bumper to bumper traffic than to come upon two old gentlemen, soaking wet, under a too small umbrella with the message that all the babies in their lives are precious and so are all the mothers. Maybe they would understand and feel the warm message that this is really about saving tiny lives; maybe some would see that this is about doing Our Lord’s work here on earth.

Thank you for being there in the rain on the morning of October 31, 2018 at 8:30 am. It was a pleasure doing God’s business with you sir.