Abortion & Euthanasia 101

Canada’s Abortion Numbers

Baby Olivia – Beautiful human in development in the womb

For more information on human development and Olivia’s miraculous journey visit https://babyolivia.liveaction.org/share/

Stephanie Gray (Apologetics Presentation No. 1

Stephanie Gray is a passionate and uncompromising advocate for those who cannot speak for themselves, utilizing her unique ability to speak to people on either side of the pro-life issue. In this presentation given at a Students for Life conference, Stephanie talks about the dignity of the human person through a biblical and human rights lens as she seeks the truth regarding today’s pressing life issues.

Watch the Stephanie Grey presentation at the Students for Life America Conference on the philosophical and ethical justification for the pro-life view.

Stephanie Gray (Apologetics Presentation No. 2 – Google Talks)

Stephanie Gray continues to frame the abortion debate: From Controversy to Civility

Dr. Anthony Levitino (Former Abortion Doctor): What is an Abrotion

Anthony Levatino is a pro-life obstetrician/gynecologist. He formerly served as a professor and Student and Residency program director at Albany Medical Center. At the time of his graduation from medical school, he was adamantly pro-choice and later performed over one thousand abortions. For over 30 years now, Anthony and Cecelia have passionately supported pro-life causes. They’ve spoken at conferences, at colleges, and even at medical schools and law schools throughout the US.

Watch the presentation to learn about the procedures and the harm done to the baby and the mother.