Right to Life Mississauga-Brampton believes that every pre-born child has a unique contribution to offer to society and that every human being, regardless of size, location,  environment and level of dependency, is precious and has a dignity that deserves to be respected and protected.

Mississauga-Brampton Right to Life exists to promote and defend the right to life of all innocent human beings, from the time that life begins (the time of fertilization) until natural death.
We strive to create a culture where every child is welcomed into the world, the vulnerable and the elderly are protected by law and where every pregnant mother receives the help she needs to face an unplanned pregnancy. Through active participation of the Executive and Membership, Right to Life Mississauga-Brampton will bear witness to the loving power of God, and his human creation.
  • Educate Members and Non-members on the scientific and moral truths surrounding abortion and medical assisted suicide
  • Provide Support and Resources to women in crisis with spiritual and economic support
  • Distribute information which challenges the mis-truths and mis-information surrounding abortion and medical assisted suicide and its impacts on the most vulnerable amongst our humanity
  • Increase Membership
  • Deliver in-field education programs and sessions
  • Fund raising for Right to Life and affiliated service organisations
The Win-Result
  • A win for Humanity
  • Better alternatives to abortion greater support for women
  • Reduce the number of victims of abortion and medical assisted suicide

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