Major Announcement: UNPLANNED, the movie has come to Canada!

Despite the limited number of viewing sites and dates allocated to the showing of UNPLANNED, the debut of the film about the journey of Abby Johnson from top Planned Parenthood administrator to staunch pro-life supporter was a tremendous hit!

UNPLANNED is a story about the discovery of truth and the impact that abortion has on all of its victims.

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A Word from the President!

Dear Friends of Life:

In these days of pandemic lock down and isolation, we may have a tendency to feel alone, lost and even abandoned, no different then Jesus’ disciples likely felt on the day he was crucified. Our mission in the pro-life movement is to work zealously to change the minds and hearts of those who are indifferent or hostile towards God’s creation.

Everyday, our goal is to educate, support and provide information on key pro-life issues. We will continue on with our membership, education and fund raising initiatives so that we can propagate the message that women deserve better than abortion, and that all human life is valued regardless of age, or stage of development. As a result all communities will be strengthened.

In our latest (Spring 2020) newsletter you will be updated on key events and activities over the past 6 months as well as upcoming events in 2020, including 40 Days for Life Mississauga. While these are strange times for us, in Jesus’ day, war, hatred, unclean living and disease were very prevalent . The question we really need to ask ourselves is; “how can I make a difference?”. Click on the link below…

40 Days for Life Mississauga September 23rd – Nov. 1st 2020

40 Days for Life Mississauga is in full compliance with Covid-19 protocols.

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Fatal Flaws documentary

After almost two years of hard work, Kevin Dunn’s 2nd documentary on euthanasia is ready for viewing.  Fatal Flaws features interviews with leaders of the euthanasia lobby and with people who have heart wrenching personal experiences with euthanasia and assisted suicide.  By juxtaposing the position of the euthanasia lobby with those individuals who have actually been affected by it, the fatal flaws associated with its legalization are readily identifiable.

Right to Life Mississauga & Area has purchased several copies to lend out for viewing in Churches, moms groups or just with friends and family. Please call or email us to borrow a DVD and help expose the truth.

Doctor Assisted Suicide in Canada: The Decision

(via: PEI Right to Life)

Today Canada makes history as the Supreme Court releases its decision on assisted suicide in the Carter Case. It comes as no surprise to many of us who have been following this issue closely. The decision to strike down the Criminal Code prohibition of assisted suicide and force Parliament to legislate on this issue was imminent.

There will be plenty of language around “safe guards” and “strict guidelines” to prop up the decision, but the principle will have never-the-less been established. The Supreme Court of Canada will now accept that a doctor can kill instead of care for patients whose lives have become difficult and vulnerable due to age, illness or disability. What was once a criminal offence will become an acceptable medical practice.

This decision affects every Canadian now and in the future. It will teach this generation and generations to come that some lives are not worth living, that killing patients can be a medical option, and that death at the hand of a doctor is somehow a human right.

This decision will also have a lasting impact on our physicians, who may be pressured to either administer death or face professional censorship and discipline.

It will inevitably shift public opinion to consider assisted suicide a human right, with corresponding duties on doctors to act. Doctors can and will be pressured to submit to an act of killing patients against their will and better judgment.

We have been warned by experts such as Dr. Theo Boer,* that regardless of safeguards, laws that essentially allow one person to take the life of another lead inexorably over time to patient killing on demand and the non-voluntary killing of those deemed to have low quality of life in society (e.g. those with dementia).

The Supreme Court has bowed to the winds of change, and been blown about by popular fads rather than standing firm on the ever present principles of justice and protection of all human life.

LifeCanada is concerned for the lives of the vulnerable, but we also are concerned that this new decision will teach generations of Canadians that the value of human life is not inherent, but rather subjective and dependent upon circumstances, a very dangerous premise indeed.


* Dr. Theo Boer was a Member of a Regional Review Committee for the Dutch Government to assess whether a euthanasia cases were conducted in accordance with the Law.