If you are interested in joining the Board of Right to Life Mississauga & Area, now or in the future, please reach out to us at

Feel free to describe your area of interest and a bit about your talents!

Board Executive

President: Jolanta Galazka

Vice President: Michael Smolders

Secretary: Melissa Malvoni

Treasurer: Yvonne Eyles

40 Days for Life: Jolanta Galazka

Education Liaison: Genevieve Carson

Membership Director: Anna McGuckin

Knight of Columbus Liaison (Mississauga): Vinz Pingol

Knight of Columbus Liaison (Brampton): Vacant – Looking for new Board Member

Catholic Women’s League Liaison: Vacant – Looking for new Board Member

C.C.B.R. Liaison: Jeremy Hooghiem

Youth Advocate & Liaisons: Yara Bashoory

Communications Director: Barry Braun

Members at large: Michael Nieznalski, Fermina Remedios

Newsletter: Barry Braun

Website Administrator: Vacant

Right to Life Advisor/Honorary Member: Clare Hansford

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